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First post

Obviously I can’t really sneak a peak over God’s shoulder – it’s an audacious thought and quite impossible given the immense scope and scale of the work.  But when Sainsburys sponsored a ‘Take your Daughter to Work’ day in the 1990s, intending to give girls an insight into some of the more male-dominated professions, I wanted to work-shadow God.  Sit with him at the control panel, in the operations room, and see things from a God’s-eye view.

The question ‘What is God up to?’  washes around in me continually.  What is he bringing about right now in the world, the church, the local community, in me?  In the church we so easily get focussed on the traditions and heritage of the past or the demands of the present.  But in the Scriptures God is always moving his purposes forward, always re-shaping and re-forming the world as we know it: ‘Behold, I am doing a new thing!’  (Isaiah 43:19,) ‘See, I am making everything new.’ (Rev 21:5). I want to be trying to keep pace with him, not being a drag anchor on his agenda, and that means interpreting past and present in terms of the possible future.  Do you fancy joining me?  Several heads are better than one.

I hope this blog is a new thing that is part of God’s purposes and through it we can be co-labourers with him – whatever he is up to.  Drop in here for thoughts on the future of the church, and a bit about what the Portishead Pilgrim gets up to on her travels.  Thanks for reading.  More soon.