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Sequel to the prequel

Thought I’d better just say a few words about compost!

It surprises me how little the church needs to do in fact to soften the soil.Just being nice can be enough.  No, really.  Friendliness, openness, humility.  Being involved in the life of the community, remembering people’s names, acting as if the tragedies of other people mattered.  Appreciating the demands on other people’s time.  Getting on with each other.  Doing what you’ve said you’ll do.  Offering words of appreciation.  Valuing someone’s contribution.  Smiling.  Yes, really.  Serving in small ways.  Sharing of yourself.  Telling the truth.  Laughing!  …Nooo, not really?!!  Responding to suggestions.  Admitting mistakes.  Facilitating good times together.

We don’t have to solve the problem of poverty in our community (although that would be ideal) or heal all the sick (wouldn’t that be great?).  We just have to be approachable, trustworthy, warm individuals.  And people will start to listen.