Name dropping

I’m a great fan of just dropping Godstuff into the conversation.  If God is part of your mental wallpaper, and you’re the sort of person who allows a stream of consciousness out of your mouth, then God will occasionally appear in the script as a matter of course.  ‘I wonder which side God was on in the Brexit debate?’  ‘I was just chatting to God while I was gardening on Friday….’  ‘God gave me a nudge about phoning xxxx in church on Sunday.’

These phrases are inoffensive.  They might make us look a bit eccentric, but no one could say you were shoving anything down their throats, because this kind of language isn’t intended to persuade or convert. It doesn’t even ask for a response.  But it does make God visible in the world, and possible.  And it allows your interlocutor (the person you’re talking to!) to respond at a number of different levels.

They could ignore what you say and dismiss it.  They could file away what you’ve said in their memories and compile a picture of the God you worship over time. They could joke with you or tease you – refuse to take your relationship with God seriously, but show their acceptance of you by making light of it and diffusing tension.  Or they could pick up on what you say and engage with it in some way – with curiousity or aggression or agreement.

Whilst there may be policies that make it inadvisable to  share our faith or intentionally speak of God in certain areas of society, there is no law against casually sharing one’s own reality with someone else.  It’s good practice for us, so we don’t find ourselves colluding with the secular spirit in our workplaces and leisure circles and sometimes our families.  And it’s a way of signalling that we’re happy to talk about our faith if anyone is insterested in finding out more.  You’d be surprised how many people don’t ask Christians questions about their faith because they assume they’ll cause offence.  Here in Britain we don’t talk about politics or religion!  So an interested party would be worried about embarrassing us by asking about our faith. If we’re chattering about it freely ourselves, they’ll know we’re open to be questioned.

2 responses to “Name dropping

  1. I’m loving this today, Tina! I’ve been trying to put this lifestyle philosophy into words for ages, but it’s not come together. I’ve resigned myself to just living it out. Which IS the general idea!
    I love the idea of painting a picture of God in people’s minds. I also love being transparent about our interactions with our Father!

    Let’s DO this!!!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement! And yes, let’s just do it 🙂

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