Carry-on church

I don’t mean ‘Carry On Church’ as in the slapstick films of the 1960s and 70s, although that’s a thought to conjure with…

I mean ‘carry-on church’ as in ‘carry-on luggage’ – the only luggage you’re encouraged to take now if you fly with a budget airline.  My mum arrived for her last weekend visit with – literally – a fat pink leather handbag containing everything she needed for her stay!

If the institutional church (let’s say, the Church of England!) were an item of luggage it would probably be a trunk.  A handsome, well-crafted, well-travelled trunk with a distinguished pedigree of ownership.  Heavy, needing at least two people to carry it, and a bit battered with use.  Full of treasure, but unwieldy and not well designed for flying Easyjet.

Many things in our lives now are scaled down…  Computers are small enough to fit on your wristwatch.  Music systems are the size of an iPod.  So my question is:  what would a ‘carry-on church’ look like?  If it were going to be simple, portable, and fit-for-purpose in a modern society, what could it do without?  And what would have to be included?

Your thoughts are welcome.  So are other metaphors!

3 responses to “Carry-on church

  1. Its a beautiful world :)

    The person holding the bag is what counts , it does not matter what shape size or colour the bag is or even what’s inside the bag, what matters is what’s inside the the heart of the person carrying the bag.
    So my carry on church would be people .

  2. As always, Lindsay, you’re wise and wonderful!

  3. I like this metaphor and am going to go away and think …. but I do think it IS important what is in the bag … the person is important … but so are the bits of church we express and how we express them …

    thanks for getting me thinking ….

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